Dagens kuriosa

In terms of pathology, the girls born to Petrus Gonzales (1537-1618) were  one in a billion, but not in the ‘one in a million’ sense we’ve come to  associate with love songs or romantic poetry. Petrus’ daughters—Maddalena,  Francesca and the youngest, Antonietta—were all afflicted with a then-unheard of  genetic defect known as hypertrichosis universalis (or Ambras syndrome),  which caused their bodies to be covered with abnormal amounts of hair in equally  abnormal places, giving them an unmistakable Wolf man-like  appearance.

One might expect that the girls—and their likewise afflicted father and  brothers—would have been ostracized, yet they were welcomed in the courts of  Europe and received considerable attention from physicians and nobles alike. (Källa här.)

Målning; Lavinia Fontana; ”Portrait of Antonietta Gonzales”, ca 1595

Två porträtt av Petrus Gonzales här och här.


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